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First Review of THE WINDS OF DUNE

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From Publishers Weekly:

The Winds of Dune Brian Herbert and Kevin J. Anderson. Tor, $27.99 (448p) ISBN 978-0-7653-2272-2

Set immediately after Frank Herbert’s Dune Messiah (1969), this satisfying tale from Herbert’s son and Anderson (Paul of Dune) follows Jessica, the mother of galactic emperor Paul Atreides, as she returns to the desert planet Dune for her son’s funeral. Paul’s suicide after his mistress’s childbed death leaves his sister, the insane and brutal Alia, as regent for his twin children. Alia releases Princess Irulan, Paul’s wife and biographer, from house arrest on the condition that she present Paul as a god, even as Bronso of Ix circulates contrasting writings focusing on Paul’s humanity. Alia, Jessica, Bronso and Irulan can describe aspects of Paul, but no single narrative can capture him. Fans of the original Dune series will love seeing familiar characters, and the narrative voice smoothly evokes the elder Herbert’s style. (Aug.)

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•   Rebecca and I were recently guests on a popular radio show hosted by Dr. Howard Gluss, talking about inspiration and the creative process.  You can listen to the podcast here.

•   Fantasy Hotlist is giving away the Terra Incognita novel and CD as a contest.  Click here for details. See the June 22 entry.

•  And one more interview about my writing background and some various projects: Sci-Fi Love To Know

Unabridged Audio Edition of Dune HOUSE trilogy

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A decade ago, Books on Tape produced an unabridged audio edition of House Atreides, House Harkonnen, and House Corrino on cassette, which has long been difficult to find (and difficult to use, unless you have an old cassette player around the house).  At last we have entered an arrangement with Tantor Audio (who produced the spoken version of The Last Days of Krypton) to produce new unabridged audios of the trilogy.

Scott Brick, whose excellent, award-winning voice has graced all of our other Dune novels, will be the narrator.  Expect to see them released within a year.




Cover art for House Atreides, House Harkonnen, and House Corrino.  All paintings by Stephen Youll.

In other Audio News

Hachette Audio has released the unabridged spoken version of The Edge of the World, also narrated by Scott Brick.  (Yes, he’s one of my favorite narrators.)  You can listen to a sample here.


You can find a new blog and review of the novel and CD at the following links:


And, as of yesterday, the Roswell Six/Terra Incognita sample tracks on MySpace went over 50,000 plays.  Thanks for listening!


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After overwhelming fan response and surveys, Tor Books has decided to adapt the UK version of the WINDS OF DUNE cover for the US release.  Most of the feedback I’ve received from readers who compared the two was that they found the UK version much more striking.

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Stephen Youll has done an incredible job for us on the past ten DUNE covers, and his painting for WINDS was up to his usual excellence.  However, after more than a decade of using the same cover design, with the small-format painting in a foil window, the publisher wanted to try a fresh approach this time.  I am sure we’ll see Stephen back for the next cover.

Two new interviews have also just gone up:

Here on a pop-culture site:

And a podcast on a Hugo-nominated site:

More Interviews, More Reviews

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It’s already been a busy season with reviews, interviews, and articles. 

Broken Frontier just ran a profile feature, which you can read here:

And here are two reviews of The Edge of the World:

My best review ever from Uzbekistan!  (In fact, the Orbit Books publisher Tim Holman wrote to say this is probably the only review he’s ever seen from Uzbekistan).

But this German critic sure doesn’t like Roswell Six…so much, in fact, that he couldn’t manage to use the correct cover art for the CD:

(Maybe next time we’ll have to get a guest performance from Rammstein.)

On the other hand, this French reviewer gave it 10/10 stars—he wrote to say that this was the first perfect review he has given any project in over a decade of reviewing.

That’s all to catch up with right now.  Back to editing Draft 4 of The Map of All Things.