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We are pleased to unveil Tor’s revised cover for SISTERHOOD OF DUNE. This shows a female Fremen commando on a spice raid, not a member of the Bene Gesserit Sisterhood. In the previous painting, she was holding a gigantic bazooka-like gun, which we didn’t like. Now she has a crysknife to make it more apparent that she’s a Fremen.  Also, her face and hair were very similar to another cover the same artist had painted, and so that has been changed as well.

SISTERHOOD OF DUNE will be released in January 2012.  I’ll post book-tour details as soon as they’re available.  For fans attending DragonCon this weekend, I will be reading the first chapter of SISTERHOOD at 4 PM on Saturday afternoon.  We’ll also have free SISTERHOOD posters at our table in the dealer’s room.

Tor has given us the mass-market paperback cover for HELLHOLE, below.  The paperback should be on sale by the end of November.

Challenger Memorial: 25 Years

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Rebecca and I were invited to attend the national Challenger Center conference in Arlington, VA, where we gave a talk about the Star Challengers books and also attended a wreath-laying ceremony at Arlington National Cemetery for the Challenger Seven.  It’s been 25 years since the Challenger accident, and 25 years since the founding of the Challenger Learning Centers to help carry on the mission and continue to promote careers in science and engineering.

Rebecca and I woke up on Wednesday morning to the news that a 4.2 magnitude earthquake had struck southern Colorado, but we didn’t feel it.  During our flight to Washington, DC, the pilot came over the intercom to announce that a much larger quake had struck the Washington, DC area and that we might be delayed landing because the city was being evacuated, mass-transit shut down, and the airports on standby.  (Then when we left the area a few days later, the city was preparing for the arrival of Hurricane Irene.  Who says conferences are boring and uneventful?)

We met many astronauts, former NASA administrators, billionaire entrepreneurs, and country singer Lee Greenwood. The memorial ceremony in Arlington National Cemetery was very moving, as was the dedication of the families of the Challenger crewmembers to promote space education.  Because we believe so much in their work, the Challenger Centers have become our chosen charity, which we help promote whenever we can.  So far, with their 48 learning centers in the US, Canada, UK, and South Korea, they have put over four million students through exciting space simulations.

The Challenger memorial in Arlington National Cemetery

Rebecca with the 25 year memorial wreath

Wreath-laying ceremony with families of the Challenger astronauts

Dr. June Scobee Rodgers presents Challenger Awards

Lee Greenwood sings his signature song “God Bless the USA”

Kevin with space-station astronaut, Mt Everest climber, and president of the Challenger Centers, Scott Parazynski

Another Peak: Mount Neva 12,800 ft

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A prominent, and difficult, peak in the Indian Peaks Wilderness is Mount Neva, which I approached a few weeks ago from the east side of the Continental Divide, but the climb is difficult and technical from that approach.  I returned and climbed it from the west side of the Divide, a lovely and reclusive hike resplendent with wildflower-filled meadows and jaw-dropping views from the top.  I saw only a couple of other people all day.  During the climb, I dictated the last few scenes in my new “Saga of Seven Suns” prequel novella VEILED ALLIANCES (based on the graphic novel). I will release it as an original eBook by the end of September; Simon & Schuster UK will likely publish the printed book.

Mount Neva

Near the summit

The view from the summit of Mt Neva. See why it’s worth the effort?

Frozen lake, viewed from the summit

My summit buddy, a golden marmot (who was more interested in my sandwich than in the view).

Magnetic Reflections & new cover for BLINDFOLD

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We’ve just released a collection that contains all of my short fiction with Doug Beason, Magnetic Reflections, available in all eBook formats for $2.99.

Includes “Reflections in a Magnetic Mirror”—Gripping science fiction story set at a Magnetic Mirror Fusion Facility, where scientists believe they have created life inside a plasma chamber. “Rescue at L-5”—Short story that became the basis for the novel Lifeline, stranded space stations use living solar sails to survive. “Prisons”—On a harsh prison planet, the warden and staff are as much prisoners as the convicts, but a risky prison break might free them all.  BONUS: this collection includes two never-before-published chapters from Kevin and Doug’s ec0-disaster novel ILL WIND.

other eReader Formats

We have also replaced the cover of my epic standalone science fiction novel BLINDFOLD, once again using the outstanding original cover painting by Stephen Youll, who has done most of our Dune covers and many of my Seven Suns covers.

$4.99 Falsely accused of murder on the colony world of Atlas, Troy Boren trusts the young Truthsayer Kalliana . . . until, impossibly, she convicts him. Kalliana doesn’t realize her power is fading, but soon the evidence becomes impossible to ignore. The Truthsayer drug Veritas has been diluted and someone in the colony is selling smuggled telepathy. Justice isn’t blind—it’s been blinded! From an immortal’s orbital prison to the buried secrets of a regal fortress, Kalliana and Troy seek the conspiracy that threatens to destroy their world from within. For without truth and justice, Atlas will certainly fall. . . .

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And don’t forget, we have released a new Dune short story along with several other never-collected Dune stories in a new eBook, Tales of Dune.

$3.99 Three previously uncollected stories set in the Dune universe by Brian Herbert & Kevin J. Anderson, includes the all-new tale “Wedding Silk,” a story of young Paul Atreides, as well as “Sea Child” and “Treasure in the Sand.” Bonus material includes “Dune: Blood and Water” and “Dune: Fremen Justice.”

other eReader Formats

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