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Autographed Books for the Holidays

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In case you, or any other KJA fan, is in search of an autographed book as a holiday gift, a hard-to-find title, full sets, and unusual limited-edition items, keep in mind that we have a full range of Kevin’s titles at AnderZoneShop.

Specials include hardcover first-edition sets of HUNTERS OF DUNE and SANDWORMS OF DUNE, both autographed by Brian Herbert and Kevin J. Anderson, for $50, a complete signed set of all 7 paperbacks of “Saga of Seven Suns” for $50, all fourteen volumes of the Young Jedi Knights series (autographed by both Kevin J. Anderson and Rebecca Moesta), Terra Incognita sets of the books and the companion Roswell Six rock CDs, and many other titles.

You’ll also find foreign editions, pre-release collector’s items and advance reading copies, out-of-print titles, comics, and more, most for cover price or less.  Personalization available on request.  Makes a good holiday gift.

Click here to go to the AnderZoneShop page.


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Brian and I are doing a two-pronged tour for SISTERHOOD OF DUNE to hit twice as many cities and see twice as many fans;  If you live in any of the following areas, come see us and get your books autographed for free: Denver, Minneapolis, Chicago, Dayton, Cincinnati, Atlanta, Dallas, Houston, Seattle, Portland, Sacramento, Redondo Beach, San Diego, Bellingham (WA)

Jan 3, Tuesday

DENVER: Kevin—B&N, Lone Tree, CO/7pm

SEATTLE: Brian—University Bookstore, Seattle, WA /7pm


Jan 4, Wednesday

MINNEAPOLIS, MN: Kevin—Uncle Hugo’s/5:30 PM

PORTLAND, OR: Brian—Powells Books/7pm


Jan 5, Thursday

CHICAGO area: Kevin—Fremont library, Mundelein IL/7pm


Jan 6, Friday

DAYTON, OH: Kevin—Books & Co at the Greene/7pm



Jan 7, Saturday

CINCINNATI, OH: Kevin—Joseph-Beth Bookselllers/1 PM


Jan 8, Sunday

ATLANTA (Decatur): Kevin—Eagle Eye Bookstore/2 PM

REDONDO BEACH, CA: Brian—Mysterious Galaxy Redondo Beach/2:30pm


Jan 9, Monday

ORLANDO: Kevin—B&N East Colonial Dr./7pm

PASADENA: Brian—Vroman’s Bookstore/7pm


Jan 10, Tuesday

DALLAS: Kevin—B&N West NW Hwy/7pm


Jan 11, Wednesday

HOUSTON: Kevin—B&N The Woodlands/7pm

SAN DIEGO: Brian—Mysterious Galaxy /7:00p


Jan 14, Saturday

BELLINGHAM, WA: Brian—Village Books/2pm


SISTERHOOD OF DUNE—hardcover dustjacket UK

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Today they were enduring another funeral for a dead Sister, one more tragic death from poison…another failure to create the second Reverend Mother.

Crisis. Survival. Advancement.

Raquella didn’t know how many more lives she could justify losing in order to reach the elusive goal. Optimistic and determined, her best trainees continued to believe in her.

And they died.

It is eighty-three years after the last of the thinking machines were destroyed in the Battle of Corrin, after Faykan Butler took the name of Corrino and established himself as the first Emperor of a new Imperium. Great changes are brewing that will shape and twist all of humankind.

The war hero Vorian Atreides has turned his back on politics and Salusa Secundus. The descendants of Abulurd Harkonnen, Griffin and Valya, have sworn vengeance against Vor, blaming him for the downfall of their fortunes. Raquella Berto-Anirul has formed the Bene Gesserit School on the jungle planet Rossak as the first Reverend Mother. The descendants of Aurelius Venport and Norma Cenva have built Venport Holdings, using mutated, spice-saturated Navigators who fly precursors of Heighliners. Gilbertus Albans, the ward of the hated robot Erasmus, is teaching humans to become Mentats . . . and hiding an unbelievable secret.

The Butlerian movement, rabidly opposed to all forms of “dangerous techn0logy,” is led by Manford Torondo and his devoted Swordmaster, Anari Idaho. And it is this group, so many decades after the defeat of the thinking machines, which begins to sweep across the known universe in mobs, millions strong, destroying everything in its path.

All these factions and individuals will become enmeshed in the contest between Reason and Faith. Everyone will be forced to choose sides in the inevitable crusade that could destroy humankind forever. . . .

SISTERHOOD OF DUNE will be in bookstores in January.


Hardcover HELLHOLE 1st Editions for only $1.77

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Call it a loss-leader.  Or a glitch.  Or over-enthusiastic lowest-price-matching bots having a duel between bookstores. Whatever the reason, amazon is having a ridiculous sale on my novel HELLHOLE with Brian Herbert.  The novel—new, hardcover, first editions—is selling for only $1.77 (and free shipping if you’re an amazon Prime customer).

Order here for $1.77 That’s a savings of 93%. If you enjoyed our Dune books, or if you have anyone who likes epic science fiction on your holiday gift list, you can’t beat the price.

Only the most desperate colonists dare to make a new home on Hellhole. Reeling from a recent asteroid impact, tortured with horrific storms, tornadoes, hurricanes, earthquakes, and churning volcanic eruptions, the planet is a dumping ground for undesirables, misfits, and charlatans…but also a haven for dreamers and independent pioneers.

Against all odds, an exiled general named Adolphus has turned Hellhole into a place of real opportunity for the desperate colonists who call the planet their home. While the colonists are hard at work developing the planet, General Adolphus secretly builds alliances with the leaders of the other Deep Zone worlds, forming a clandestine coalition against the tyrannical, fossilized government responsible for their exile.

What no one knows is this: the planet Hellhole, though damaged and volatile, hides an amazing secret. Deep beneath its surface lies the remnants of an obliterated alien civilization and the buried memories of its unrecorded past that, when unearthed, could tear the galaxy apart.

Brian and I have written, and are polishing, the second novel in the trilogy, HELLHOLE AWAKENING

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