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Indoor skydiving and Coors brewery tour

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For our 21st anniversary this month, Rebecca and I have been doing a series of fun activities, going to our favorite restaurants, having our favorite dinners, seeing things. Friday, we had a great day, starting out with Indoor Skydiving in Denver at SkyVenture.  This is a giant indoor wind tunnel with winds over 120 mph. We suited up, donned helmet and goggles, attended a brief training session—and then we went in to fly!

This was a lot harder than it looks, a “sport” instead of a quick entertainment ride. The slighted adjustments in arm or hand positions can send you into a tumble.  But it was a blast.

After the skydiving, we went to lunch at the Cheesecake Factory (one of our old standbys), then drove to Golden, CO, where we took a tour of the gigantic Coors Brewery, the largest single brewery in the US.  It was interesting, though I’m not much of a Coors drinker.  Afterward, though, we went to the “second largest brewery in Golden,” the Golden City Brewery, one of my favorite microbreweries in the state.  The IPA there was delicious, and Rebecca and I relaxed for a while in the pleasant outdoor beer garden, before heading home.  Great day!

Shambling on! Zombie PI on the case

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My editor at Kensington Books sent me a delightful surprise this week—two new Dan Shamble, Zombie PI covers!  “Stakeout at the Vampire Circus” is an original novelette, Dan on the case at a traveling monster circus, where the freak show may be the most normal part of the business!  “Stakeout” will be released as an eStory in November.


The third book in the series, HAIR RAISING, comes out in May—and I was treated to that cover as well.  These are gorgeous illustrations that really capture the fun and craziness of Dan Shamble’s world.


And, since I’m showing off, here’s the cover for UNNATURAL ACTS, which comes out in January:

Of course, the first book, DEATH WARMED OVER, is on bookstore shelves now.  Non-US readers, the Kindle and Kobo eBook versions of DEATH WARMED OVER are available worldwide at a special introductory price.  Shamble on!

More Seven Suns!

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Eleven years ago, in 2001, I embarked on writing the first chapters of HIDDEN EMPIRE, the start of my 7-volume epic The Saga of Seven Suns. I remember that day, taking my recorder and hiking up the beautiful local trail up to the lower and upper Palmer Lake Reservoirs, writing the initial scenes to introduce readers to the archaeologist Margaret Colicos and her faithful compy DD, Chairman Basil Wenceslas, the Ildiran military leader Adar Kori’nh, the green priest Beneto. 

Today, I wrote the first three chapters in THE DARK BETWEEN THE STARS, the first novel in The Saga of Shadows, which takes twenty years after the end of Seven Suns. For an auspicious beginning, I chose to hike the same trail to the Palmer Lake Reservoirs, where today I introduced readers to the Roamer husband Garrison Reeves and his son Seth, escaping the unsafe lava-mining planet Sheol…and his ruthless wife Elisa Reeves, whose loyalty lies with Roamer industrialist Lee Diswander. And we see Adar Zan’nh again, ready to launch the first major Ildiran exploration ship, which is captained by Nira’s halfbreed son, Tal Gale’nh. It feels so good to get started again!

“He had to run, and he fled with the boy out into the dark spaces between the stars.”

I delivered the proposal for another trilogy, a “next generation” story in the Seven Suns universe, back in spring 2011, and I’ve been rereading the original seven-volume series to re-familiarize myself with the universe (a LOT of details to remember!) Simon & Schuster UK will be the publisher overseas, as before, and Tor will be the publisher in the US.

Now that I’m writing full-speed, I should have a draft ready to deliver to my editors in early 2013.

In the meantime, be sure you don’t miss the prequel story, VEILED ALLIANCES, available in print and in all eBook formats. Check it out!


STORMWORLD: new eco-disaster novella by Brian Herbert & Bruce Taylor

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Brian Herbert fans will be glad to see a new short novel of ecological disaster, now available in all eBook formats.  Brian wrote this story with good friend Bruce Taylor, “Mr. Magic Realism,” and you can now read it for $3.99.

After the Greenland ice cap suffers an abrupt and catastrophic collapse, Earth’s climate suddenly changes, turning the planet into a horrendous stormworld. Against this backdrop, men and women in the Cascade Seed Repository valiantly struggle to protect the food supply of civilization….

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