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One Horn to Rule Them All—Many Authors to Tell the Tales

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Every time I tell someone the main idea behind One Horn to Rule Them All, “A Purple Unicorn anthology,” they all get this odd look in their eyes. And I know exactly what they’re thinking. “Purple unicorns? Really?” And then they get that same glint of, “Neat!”


When Rebecca and I teach writing classes, Purple unicorns were our way of telling other writers that they need to bring their A-game to the story, no matter what the subject is, no matter how silly the idea might sound. And when we invited a bevy of Superstars Writing Seminar alumni to submit stories all involving purple unicorns, they all brought their A-game! Every single story in this book features a purple unicorn in same shape or fashion, from literal beasts to graffiti and beyond.

The best part? Every sale of this book goes toward funding scholarships for future Superstars Writing Seminar attendees, helping our community of all-star writers grow and support itself.


When you bring this many talented people together in a single volume, rest assured the creativity is going to astound you. Edited by Lisa Mangum, this anthology is as unique as it gets. Not only are you able to enjoy the tales themselves, but you also know every copy goes to a worthy cause—supporting the careers of authors from all over the country and the world.

You can pick up One Horn to Rule Them All in all eBook formats and in trade paperback, but right now you have a special opportunity—for four more days. As part of the current Truly Epic Fantasy Storybundle, a mere $15 will get you 13 titles, including One Horn to Rule Them All and many others. But the Storybundle ends Thursday, so spread the word! We’ve already funded one scholarship from the bundle, and a hundred more bundles will put us over the limit for a second scholarship!

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Goodbye to Linus, 2000–2015

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Today my heart is too heavy to do any writing. Goodbye Linus, my dear friend for fifteen years.

DSC01126 DSC00778

Owen Hardy, and the readers of Clockwork Angels, got a brief chance to meet Linus in the quiet town of Barrel Arbor. I hope that’s where he’s gone now. “He remembered a plump, orange cat that had frequented the Paquettes’ newsgraph offices. The lazy cat curled up in any patch of sun, sleeping away the day, content with its sluggish dreams. Everything had its place, and every place had its thing.”

Now my place no longer has its Linus.  🙁

When the RPG fights back! GAMEARTH

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My second published novel Gamearth is a fast-paced and fun story that takes place inside and out of a Dungeons & Dragons style role-playing game, where a group of players have grown tired of their game and decide to shut it down…which is tantamount to a declaration of war against the characters inside the game—who then need to go on a quest to save their own world from falling apart (complete with dragons, magic swords, ogres…just what you’d expect).


The entire Gamearth trilogy is available in print and eBook format, as well as a large omnibus edition from WordFire Press.

558Cover 558Cover 558Cover

When I was in college, I used to play D&D every Sunday night with a group of friends, including award-winning SF author Kristine Kathryn Rusch (of course, at the time, neither of us were published authors!). Kris used a lot of those gaming experiences in her first novel, The White Mists of Power, just as I used them in Gamearth.

Gamearth is also one of 13 Fantasy titles that are currently featured in the Truly Epic Fantasy Storybundle at You can get ALL those books for $15…but it runs for only one more week.

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The Denver and Dallas Comic Con Retrospective

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We’ve been on the road quite a bit lately with the WordFire Press team, and now Rebecca and I are going even further, hopping down under to Australia for Supanova in Sidney and Perth! But before we go, I wanted to let you know how the last couple of conventions have gone for us.

In short: Fantastically.

Now for a little longer review…

At the end of May and beginning of June, we had our usual big booth set up at both Denver Comic Con and Dallas Comic Con. Denver Comic Con is our hometown convention, and we always love seeing the locals and any out-of-state fans who make it by. Every year, this con has grown, and 2015 was no exception.

The schedule was a little odd with the 3-day weekend—the con started on Saturday and went until Monday—but that didn’t stop it from being a big success. Set square in the middle of downtown Denver, at the convention center with the big blue bear, we got to be surrounded by over 80,000 people.

IMG_4325  IMG_4292  IMG_4322

The booth was crowded with authors, including myself and Rebecca, Dan Wells, Sarah Hoyt, Peter Wacks, Aaron Michael Ritchey, Dave Butler, Josh Vogt, David Boop, and a great team of volunteers. We also had three WordFire Press authors launching books during Denver CC, including Quincy Allen’s Chemical Burn, Mario Acevedo’s Rescue From Planet Pleasure (the return of Felix Gomez!), and Josh Vogt’s Enter the Janitor (which sold out). Sunday night, WordFire Press hosted a launch party, where more than 60 people showed up to meet the authors, buy their books, and get them signed. Thanks to everyone who attended!

558Cover 558Cover 558Cover IMG_4306

My novel The Dark Between the Stars got a lot of great attention, especially with its Hugo nomination. And I got to distribute “The Bookseller’s Tale,” a sneak preview of my new steampunk novel with Neil Peart, Clockwork Lives, which takes place in the same world as Clockwork Angels. Keep an eye out for “The Bookseller’s Tale” at future cons as well.

558Cover Dark bigger

Next weekend, I had a little adventure getting to Dallas Comic Con, thanks to torrential rains and flooding. After a redirected flight to Tulsa, sleeping on a bench in Baggage Claim, and a crack-of-dawn rental car drive for four hours, I finally arrived and joined in the fun.

In Dallas, Chemical Burn quickly sold out—as did the few Rescue From Planet Pleasure and Enter the Janitor copies we were able to scrounge up in-between shows. Josh Vogt also had his Pathfinder tie-in, Forge of Ashes, at the booth, and that was easily gone by the end of the weekend.


Our author guests for Dallas included Rhiannon Paille, Cie Adams, and Kathleen Baldwin, all of whom were a hit with the crowd! Everyone had at least a panel or two, though for my “Building My First Lightsaber” talk, I did have to explain that I wasn’t teaching people how to build an actual lightsaber. (To avoid any future confusion, remember that it’s just a metaphor for how my passions and career have intertwined.)

IMG_4345 IMG_4341

with Tor authors Cat Adams (top) and Kathleen Baldwin

That’s it for now. Huge thanks to all the volunteers who helped out over the weekends, and we all look forward to seeing many more of you as we continue popping up at cons throughout the rest of the year!