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SUPERSTARS 2016 Panel Schedule

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It’s always a challenge to juggle the subjects and the speakers. So many things to cover in three days of nuts-and-bolts industry and career information! This looks like our best Superstars Writing Seminar yet.

If you haven’t signed up, you still have a couple of weeks.  Go to the Superstars website.


8:00    Welcome and Opening Remarks
8:30    The Popcorn Theory of Success—Kevin J. Anderson
9:30    The Economics of Publishing—Eric Flint
10:30  Making Money in Hollywood—David Farland, Jim Butcher, James Artimus Owen


1          How to Build an Intellectual Property—KJA, Jim Butcher, Bill Fawcett (M)
Collaboration—Jody Lynn Nye (M), Todd McCaffrey, Eric Flint, Rebecca Moesta
            Breakout room: Pitch practice (Lisa Mangum)

2          Writing Jacket Copy and Synopses—Chris Mandeville (M), Lisa Mangum, Bill Fawcett
Hands-on Workshop: Preparing Your Indie Book for eBook and Print—Quincy Allen
Breakout room: Indie book critiques (KJA),

3          The Young Adult Market—Lisa Mangum (M), Rebecca Moesta, James Artimus Owen
            Taxes, LLCs, and Other Fun Stuff — Jace Sanders, MBA, CFP(r)
Breakout room: Career Consult (Bill F), story opening critique (BTS)

4:00    Jim Butcher Imparts Wisdom (and Maybe a Little Misinformation)—Jim Butcher

4:45    Open Q&A—James Owen, Eric Flint, Mark LeFebvre, Lisa Mangum, David Farland, Jody Lynn Nye


8:30    A Day in the Life of an Editor at a Traditional Publisher—Anne Sowards
9:30    EBooks and Indie Publishing—Mark Leslie Lefebvre
10:30  Traditional, Indie, or Hybrid Author?—KJA, Jody Lynn Nye, James Owen, Dave Farland, Mark Lefebvre, Cat Rambo


1          Working with Publishers and How They Are Structured—Bill Fawcett
            Dissecting a Contract—Eric Flint
            Breakout room: Indie book critiques (KJA and Rebecca Moesta), Pitch practice (Anne Sowards)

2          What Are Editors After?—Anne Sowards, Bill Fawcett (M), Bryan Thomas Schmidt, Lisa Mangum
Hands-on Workshop: Preparing Your Indie Book for Print & CreateSpace—Quincy Allen            Breakout room: Novel opening critiques (Eric),

3          Analyzing and Finding Your Audience—David Farland
            Dirty Secrets of a Writing Career—Kevin J. Anderson, Rebecca Moesta
            Breakout room: Pitch practice (Lisa Mangum), story opening critique (BTS)

4:00    Drawing out the Dragons—James Owen

4:45    Open Q&A—Jim Butcher, Anne Sowards, Rebecca Moesta, Todd McCaffrey, KJA, Bill Fawcett


8:30    Bookstores, bookselling, and distribution—Mark Lefebvre, Anne Sowards, Lisa Mangum, Bill Fawcett
9:30    Self Promotion and Tribe Building—Jim Butcher, KJA, James Owen, Jody Lynn Nye
10:30  Agents: A Representative Panel—Bill Fawcett, David Farland, Eric Flint, Anne Sowards


1          Myths of Publishing—Rebecca Moesta
            Hands-on Workshop: Scrivener basics—M. J. Carlson
Breakout room: Career consult (Bill F), Ebook Formatting (Quincy)

2          How to Increase Your Writing Productivity—Kevin J. Anderson
            Hands-on Workshop: Uploading your eBook on Kobo and Smashwords—Mark Lefebvre, Adric Mayall, Aaron Fernandez
Breakout room: Novel opening critiques (Eric),

3          Throwing Your Book at the Wall: Book Signings, Book Launches, Blog Tours, Book Tours—KJA, Jim Butcher, Lisa Mangum, James Owen, David Farland
What an Editor Can Do for You—Josh Vogt (M), Bryan Thomas Schmidt, Joshua Essoe, Cat Rambo
Breakout room: Ebook Formatting (Quincy)

4:00    Finding the Balance: Being a Writer in the Real World—All

4:45    Open Q&A—all


New Instructor for Superstars 2016: Bill Fawcett

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We’re pleased to announce another new A-List instructor for Superstars Writing Seminar—well-known editor, agent, packager, and game designer Bill Fawcett.

Bill head shot

After writing for the early issues of Dragon Magazine in the 1970s Bill became one of the founders of and lead designer at Mayfair Games, a board and role play gaming company. He has continued his game design work creating a number of PC games and apps. Bill Fawcett & Associates has packaged over 350 books science fiction, fantasy, military, non-fiction, and licensed novels and series for major publishers. A packager for over 30 years, he has worked with numerous new authors who are now NY Times bestsellers and helped launched writing careers. Bill has worked with agents, on both game and media licensing and is senior staff on one of the nation’s largest conventions.

As an author Bill has written or co-authored over a dozen books plus close to one hundred articles and short stories. The Fleet anthologies that he created with David Drake in the 80s was the first military science fiction shared world series. Bill has collaborated on several mystery novels including with Chelsea Quinn Yarbro including the Authorized Mycroft Holmes novels and the Madame Vernet Investigates mystery novels. As an anthologist Bill has edited or co-edited around 40 anthologies. Bill was the editor of Hunters and Shooters and The Teams, two oral histories of the SEALs in Vietnam.

Among the non-fiction books Bill has written is Oval Office Oddities, thousands of odd facts, quotes, and just plain strangeness about the US Presidents, First Ladies, and White House. His other solo collections include The 100 Mistakes that Changed History and Trust Me and 100 Leadership Mistakes that Changed History. His historical “Mistakes” series of often amused look at how the mistakes in history changed our lives include It Seemed Like a good Idea, It Looked Good On Paper (Engineering disasters) and You Did What. His military mistakes series include How To Lose A Battle, How To Lose a War, How To Lose WWII, How To Lose a War at Sea, and How To Lose the American Civil War.

Bill joins other guest instructors Jim Butcher, Anne Sowards (Penguin Random House), Mark Lefebvre (Kobo), Jody Lynn Nye, Todd J. McCaffrey, and faculty Kevin J. Anderson, David Farland, Eric Flint, Rebecca Moesta, and James Artimus Owen.

Superstars 2016 is our sixth annual writing seminar, a three-day intensive seminar about the business of writing and publishing, as well as nuts-and-bolts career building. Only two more days before early-bird pricing ends. We hope you’ll join us February 4-6 in Colorado Springs.