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A Few Loose Ends

Published August 23, 2009 in Writing - 0 Comments

THE WINDS OF DUNE is now on its second week on the New York Times Bestseller List, and the newly released paperback of PAUL OF DUNE also debuts on the NYT mass-market bestseller list.  WINDS is also on the Publisher’s Weekly bestseller list, and we just received word that it is #8 on the Australian SF/F list.

For those of you who couldn’t attend one of our book signings and still want to get an autographed copy, you may want to try contacting the stores on our tour; Brian and I sign additional stock before we leave, and the stores may be willing to do mail order for you.

Also, Brian is doing a set of signed copies of WINDS for the online store, The Signed Page.  I’ll be sending signed bookplates as well, so check there.

I’ve still got a few chapters of HELLHOLE to edit (didn’t quite have enough time during the tour), but on Friday I met with my test readers on THE MAP OF ALL THINGS and spent seven hours going over the manuscript page by page, taking furious notes for revisions; I had also received my editorial letter, and so I’m ready to dive into the final work on this book…as soon as I clear out the HELLHOLE editing.


Yesterday, the beautiful weather outside was just too much and I left all the many things to catch up on.  I headed out to do two mountain hikes, one on the ridges around Loveland Pass and another up to a high basin along the Mount Evans Rd, just to recharge my batteries after so many days on the road.  It worked, too:  On the trail, I worked out many of the plot details for Terra Incognita #3.

Two other things that have gathered on the back burner:

•  One of my short stories, “Canals in the Sand” (the basis for my novel THE MARTIAN WAR) is in the permanent library aboard the International Space Station.

•  On Friday Sept 4, for DragonCon, the Max Lager’s Brewery (just a few blocks from the main DragonCon Hyatt) is hosting a party and reception with Rebecca and me, as well as Chris Brown (the guitarist for Roswell Six and Ghost Circus). The brewmaster (a longtime fan) is creating a special AnderZone IPA, and Chris Brown will be playing an acoustic set.  8 -10 PM.  No cover charge and no DragonCon membership required.