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A Parade of Appearances

I am currently in Gunnison, Colorado, as a keynote speaker and guest instructor at Writing the Rockies, a special event put on by Western College.  This area of the state gives me opportunities to hike (as well as dictate some chapters in MENTATS OF DUNE—9 so far on this trip).

I was glad to have a chance to get out in nature and recharge my batteries, because I am just beginning a long and exhausting sequence of appearances.  I’ll be at a lot of conventions and workshops over the next two months.  I hope to see you at one of them!

August 3–5 GLITCHCON, Bentonville Arkansas

August 9–13 WHEN WORDS COLLIDE, Calgary, Alberta

August 24–26 FAN EXPO CANADA, Toronto

August 31–Sept 3  DRAGONCON, Atlanta

September 15–16 COMIKAZE, Los Angeles Convention Center

October 12–14 RUSHCON, Toronto

October 19–21 VALLEYCON, Fargo, ND

Now, I have to look carefully at the calendar to find at least a day or two when I can go hiking again!


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5 Responses to “A Parade of Appearances”

  1. Gregg Jaeger says:

    I hope we’ll have you visiting Boston some time!


  2. Jeff Hickey says:

    SO glad you wrote the novelization for Clockwork Angels. Would you be interested in coming to ConNooga (Mar 1-3) in Chattanooga? We’d love to have you as a guest!

    • Kevin J. Anderson says:

      thanks Jeff. I am coming to Chattanooga as Guest of Honor for LibertyCon only a few months after that. I don’t think Chattanooga can handle me twice in so short a time!

  3. Brian Wertz says:

    Kevin , when you coming to Madison. I just relocated back here and can’t wait to get autograph for new book. Thanx for signing my mom’s copy

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