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About KJA

I am the author of more than 140 books, 56 of which have appeared on national or international bestseller lists. My work has been translated into 30 languages, and I have over 23 million books in print. I have won or been nominated for the Hugo, Nebula, Bram Stoker, Shamus, Scribe, Lifeboat to the Stars, and Colorado Book Award.

I have written numerous Star Wars projects, three X-Files novels, fifteen bestselling Dune novels with Brian Herbert, and also collaborated with Dean Koontz on Frankenstein: Prodigal Son, which sold a million copies in the first year of its release. I wrote the epic SF series The Saga of Seven Suns and two steampunk fantasy adventure novels with legendary Rush drummer Neil Peart, based on the concept CD, Clockwork Angels. I also write a humorous horror series featuring Dan Shamble, Zombie PI.

I’ve written comics for Star Wars, X-Files, JSA, Star Trek, and many more. I am a proud honorary member of the 501st Legion.

As publishers of WordFire Press, my wife Rebecca Moesta and I have released more than 300 titles from Alan Dean Foster, Frank Herbert, Jody Lynn Nye, Allen Drury, Mike Resnick, Jay Lake, Brian Herbert, and Ken Scholes, as well as our own backlist.

I climb mountains. My wife and I have been married for twenty-six years; we live in a castle in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado.

For more about me, see wordfire.com.



Joshua Hovis - May 25, 2010 Reply

I was hoping to get the young jedi knights series on audio.
Would you consider putting it on Audible?

Storygirl - November 5, 2010 Reply

Hello Mr Anderson,
I’m ten years old, and I LOVE your books, I dressed up as Celi from the Saga of Seven Sun for Halloween and I’d like to send a picture of my costume to you, can you tell me where I can get a adress that WOULD reach you.
Thank You
Story Girl

To Write, Write, Write | D. Thomas Minton - July 28, 2011 Reply

[…] poems, articles, graphic novels, blog post, etc. flying off their fingers.  Folks like Jay Lake, Kevin J. Anderson, Dean Wesley Smith (to name only three writers whose sites I’ve recently visited) are […]

Joel - August 24, 2011 Reply

Just finished Audio book 2 of the Seven Suns Series(which I love so far)…..I’m distressed to see when I get toAudio book 4, there will be a new Narrator, who I will probably(and have to) get used to. I’m just curious if you have control over who the narrator is for a particular book, and when a narrator changes mid stream or mid series, do you make the new Narrator at least listen to one of the prior books in the series, so he/she can at least hear how things were done. It’s hard hearing names and places and accents have different pronunciations after listening to 3 books over 24 hours. I have listened to clips for the later books…. and it is a big change.

Thanks for the writings!!

    Kevin J. Anderson - August 25, 2011 Reply

    The audio publisher changed after book 3 (from Recorded Books to Brilliance); in most cases, Scott Brick or Jim Meskimen have read my books, and I have very close contact with them. For the first three Seven Suns books, I had a long phone conversation with George Guidall to guide him through the pronunciations. For the other Seven Suns books, I sent a pronunciation list, but I did not have any contact with the reader.

The Mighty Greedo - August 30, 2011 Reply

Hi Kevin,

I just finished Enemies & Allies. Great stuff! Very thrilling! I’d love to see you do more Batman stuff in the future. You seem to understand him (and what makes him cool) a little better than most other authors.



Larry Miller - April 17, 2012 Reply

Kevin ,
Will “I’LL WIND” ever be a movie?

    Kevin J. Anderson - April 22, 2012 Reply

    we can hope so. Nothing in the works right now, though

Carl Westholm - May 12, 2013 Reply

Dear Kevin.

Jupiter Society is just about to release a new album “From endangered to Extinct”.
I would be honoured if i could send you either a CD or perhaps a downlaod link with password for the complete album.

Best regards
Carl Westholm/Jupiter Society

Robert Feld - September 14, 2013 Reply

Hello Mr Anderson.
I have read your books Captain Nemo and Martian War, and I found them brilliant, but what I want to do is write stories about Captain Nemo. I was wondering if there was a copyright on the character and the Nautilus?

Thank you.
Robert Feld.

    Kevin J. Anderson - September 14, 2013 Reply

    Captain Nemo and all the works of Jules Verne are in public domain and out of copyright, so you are free to do what you wish with them.

Robert Feld - September 14, 2013 Reply

Oh thank god for that.

methos - April 30, 2014 Reply

In the Saga of Seven Suns series, at the end of book 2 or 3, Tasia Tamblyn was promoted to “captain” . In the next book she was a “commander” again. No reason was given for her demotion. Was this just an error you carried through the remaining books, or did something happen to cause this demotion? I personally found this discontinuity distracting.

    Kevin J. Anderson - May 20, 2014 Reply

    In the Earth Defense Forces a “commander” outranks a mere “captain.” She was not demoted at all. That’s a boost in rank.

Writerman - May 6, 2014 Reply

Hi Kevin

I am part way through the audiobook version of Slan Hunter, and I have to say it is just superb. Slan was one of the first, if not THE first sci-fi novel I ever read when I was about 16 years old, and it is one I can pick up and read every year and still enjoy. Your sequel inspired and finished from Van’s notes is a tremendous book that stands on its own.

I think it was work by Van and the Doc (EE “Doc” Smith) that first made me want to be a writer, so for you to have taken his world and continued the story of Jommy Cross is just brilliant. Have you thought of a prequel, telling the story of the first Slans and Samuel Lann himself? I was thinking maybe a prequel trilogy entitled something like Slan: Origins with book 1 being Slan: Genesis, book 2 being Slan: Holocaust and book 3 being Slan: Exodus.

I am tempted to have a go on Fiction Press with these ideas myself, but would hate to get it wrong (too much chance of offending all the fans in the world).

Keep up the brilliant writing.

Thank You

Kevin Tye (Writerman)

petes - September 3, 2016 Reply

Just finished Clockwork Angels. In a word, or 2, well done. I always thought Arjen Lucassen’s AYREON series of albums were great candidates for novelization. (Hint, hint)

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