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Blizzards and Editing

Published October 31, 2009 in Writing - 0 Comments

Over the past few days, Colorado has been hit by a tremendous early-season snowstorm.  Schools and roads were closed for three days; we had over 18″ of snow in our driveway, and our street wasn’t plowed for three days.  (In the meantime, we ate most of the fresh food in the refrigerator and started in on all the canned goods.)


Fortunately, Rebecca and I didn’t have any travel plans or anyplace we needed to go; Jonathan & Jessica had some wedding planning to do, and Jessica couldn’t get out for her first day at a new job (not a disaster, since the blizzard closed down the company, too).  But we holed up and got through it just fine.


I was wrapping up the last chapters of editing in HELLHOLE, so it was good to be trapped in the office where I could edit without interruption.  I did, however, find a new chapter that needed to be written.  Not to be deterred by the wind and snow, I bundled up, put on the boots, took the digital recorder, and tromped up and down the deserted roads until I had the six pages dictated, which I then transcribed and polished the following morning.


Then on Friday the snow stopped, the skies cleared, and the temperature rose to 45°F.  Got the driveway cleared; the plows came through; and everything melted rapidly.  Today, Halloween, it’s 55°F and perfect for trick or treaters.  I completed editing the last HELLHOLE chapters, wrote Brian Herbert a cover letter with some ideas, and sent everything to him for his crack at it.

Now I can catch up on all the other little thing around here.  Happy Halloween.