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Lines in the Sand

Published June 3, 2010 in Roswell Six , Terra Incognita - 0 Comments

The second Terra Incognita rock CD, “A Line in the Sand,” is due to be released in the next couple of weeks, and I’ve just received my first sample copies.  For the past year, we’ve been hearing drafts of the songs, the music, the scratch vocals, then the final vocals, and at last the final mixes.  But even after all that, actually playing the CD is quite a thrill.   Henning Pauly worked his magic on each of the tracks, turning our song ideas and our lyrics into terrific final music.  (Good enough to be played at 11 on the volume knob.)

The critics seem to agree. We just received our first review, from the Danger Dog music site.   We’ve already started getting airplay in numerous countries.

Our first promo music video is up on YouTube:  “Terra incognita: A Line in the Sand”

You can hear sample tracks at the ProgRock Records website, and order either from ProgRock or from

Terra Incognita CD booklet

Published May 18, 2010 in Music , Roswell Six , Terra Incognita - 0 Comments

The following is the introduction to the booklet for the second Terra Incognita CD, A Line in the Sand, which will ship in the next couple of weeks.  You can order the autographed novel and companion CD, as well as collectible Terra Incognita items, from or from  You can also hear three complete sample tracks at the ProgRock Records website.

With the release of The Edge of the World, the first novel in my “Terra Incognita” trilogy, we developed a companion CD with music by keyboardist/producer Erik Norlander, lyrics by myself and Rebecca Moesta, and performances by some of my favorite musicians, under the band name Roswell Six.

This is the companion CD to Book 2, The Map of All Things.  Where the first album was about exploration and discovery, brave adventurers sailing off to unexplored lands, this CD tells a different part of the “Terra Incognita” story with a new cast of characters—a darker tale about the never-ceasing war between the two lands of Tierra and Uraba.  Its theme of religious intolerance and the continuing cycle of hatred is as relevant to us as it is to the characters facing the tragedy of the crusades.

A grittier CD required a harder sound and a different mood.  Henning Pauly (Frameshift, Chain, Shadows Mignon), whose music I have enjoyed for years, took on the project with great enthusiasm.  His music conveys the distinctive cultures and personalities of the two lands at war.  Rebecca and I crafted a set of lyrics that tell a part of the overall epic not included in the novel (including two songs cowritten with our friend, and music legend, Janis Ian).  Our new vocalists embraced their characters and delivered powerful performances.  Artists Lee Gibbons, Bob Eggleton, and Richard Ware delivered great work to illustrate the Cd.  And Shawn Gordon at ProgRock Records made this project possible and shared the vision of the novel/CD crossover.  Listen to the music.  Read the novel.  And enjoy.

—Kevin J. Anderson

“Barricade” from New Terra Incognita CD

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“Barricade” is the first track on the new Terra Incognita CD, A Line in the Sand, a hard-driving symphonic rock epic with lyrics by Rebecca and myself, music by Henning Pauly, and vocals by Steve Walsh of Kansas fame.  The CD will be officially released next month to accompany the publication of the second novel in the trilogy, The Key to Creation.  Book 1, The Edge of the World, was just reissued in a mass-market paperback.

I have also just learned that The Edge of the World has been nominated for the Colorado Book Award for best novel of 2009 written by a Colorado author.

Here’s the story of “Barricade.”  You can listen to the sample track (and preorder a copy) at the ProgRock Records website.  The initial preorders will receive an autographed page from the novel manuscript.


Lead Vocals—Steve Walsh

Backing Vocals—Alex Froese

Ishalem, an ancient city sacred to the world’s two great religions, has become a battleground.  The followers of Urec and the followers of Aiden fought over the city, accidentally burned it down, and then fought over the ashes.  The spreading war has lasted for decades, but the underlying hatred has endured for generations.

In a bold military move, Soldan-Shah Omra, leader of Uraba, captured the remnants of Ishalem, killed or evicted all of the Aidenists, and rebuilt the city entirely for the faithful—his faithful.  He constructs a towering wall, God’s Barricade, to keep the infidels out…and to keep his own people inside.

A line in the sand,

A wall to the sky . . .


We don’t need your kind with us,

So just stay on your side.

Every time you get too close,

Our principles collide.

We don’t need you to agree,

Our faith is true and tried.

We will never think like you,

The gap is just too wide.


Brick by brick

Stone by stone

We build the wall

To protect us all.

The faith that I had is all gone


Maybe you can’t see the truth—

It makes no difference now,

We made a choice to still your voice,

Can’t live with it somehow.

We don’t need a better view,

We’ve got the one we chose,

It may take ten thousand years,

To dam where the river flows.


Brick by brick

Stone by stone

We build the wall

To protect us all.

The hope that I had is long gone


One more brick, one more row

We see less the higher we go.

One more brick, one more row

We don’t need to look when we already know.


Don’t try to reconcile with us—

Let’s end this masquerade,

Can’t hear you shout when you’re locked out

Behind this barricade.


Brick by brick

Stone by stone

We build the wall

To protect us all.

The love that I had is long gone

SheVaCon and MidSouthCon

Rebecca and I were guests of honor at two conventions in the past three weeks, SheVaCon in Roanoke, VA, and MidSouthCon in Memphis, TN.

We had never been to Roanoke, and as we flew into the valley with the beautiful and snow-covered Blue Ridge Mountains, I was immediately impressed, made me thinking about hiking some sections of the Appalachian Trail.

We traveled with our assistant Diane, all our suitcases loaded with books; Diane would help us watch the table in the dealer’s room when we were on panels.  We met a lot of fans at our table, and we also gave writers’ workshops on Things I Wish a Pro Had Told Me When I Was Starting out as well as How to Increase Your Writing Productivity, and we also gave an hour of Q&A, during which the Tyrannus Garrison of the 501st marched in wearing full stormtrooper regalia and presented each of us with plaques and inducted us as honorary members of the Garrison.  Our fellow guest of honor was Peter Mayhew (the actor who played Chewbacca), and we all had a delicious dinner at a local steakhouse with the Mandalorian Mercs, then the following night we had dinner with some friends from the dealer’s room and other convention committees.  SheVaCon was a very enjoyable convention, slanted heavily toward Star Wars.

Last weekend we were in Memphis for MidSouthCon with fellow guests of honor Gail Simone (comics writer of Wonder Woman and many others), artist Billy Tackett, editor Lou Anders (Pyr), Toastmistress Lee Martindale, and special guest writer Sherrilyn Kenyon.  This time we shared a table with CS Brown (our guitarist on the first Terra Incognita CD) in the dealer’s room.  We again gave our panel on Things I Wish A Pro Had Told Me, a panel on worldbuilding, one on writing in an established universe, and Rebecca gave a panel on Young Adult fiction.  The Memphis Fan Force also had a brief ceremony to induct us into their group, with many photos.  We were kept busy, nonstop, so we had no time to do any sightseeing around the Memphis area, but we did have some great Memphis barbecue food at the Dead Dog Party (where a local homebrewer fan had brought in some samples of his brew).

I highly recommend both cons, great staff, efficiently run, good programming tracks, and a fun group of fans.  Thanks for inviting us.  Next weekend is our Superstars Writing Seminar, and in April we’ll be going to Buffalo, NY for Eeriecon.  In the meantime, I need to finish the last main edit of HELLHOLE and complete the draft of THE KEY TO CREATION.