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CLOCKWORK ANGELS: The Watchmaker’s Edition

Here’s what came for today’s dose of awesomeness—the special, high-end “Watchmaker’s Edition” of the CLOCKWORK ANGELS unabridged audio, read by Neil Peart.  This is a limited edition package with an amazing design (done by Hugh Syme), which includes a working clock!

The seven CDs of the novel are specially packaged, and include a special booklet created by Hugh Syme and me, a Rush/KJA/Clockwork Angels timeline, a mini poster (“I can’t stop thinking big”), and a full-color clocktower to hold it all. Neil just wrote today to say “It really is a nice piece of work. Prettier than I could have hoped, from every side, and inside, too. Fine materials and finishes. The individual CD jackets are lovely, and the Timeline is a clever touch. I am proud of this piece of work. (And it does keep good time!)”

List price is $99.99. has it discounted to $79.99, and it is also available from other retailers.  Preordered copies will ship on March 1.




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  1. Snap says:

    Congratulations. Gorgeous!

  2. An extreemly fun and neat item. “Give us Bread and Circus”! In a world so cold and Harsh King Neil leads us on an unending journey. Balanced on the tight rope of freedom.

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