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DC Comics Announces Graphic Novel Collection of JSA: Strange Adventures

Published July 5, 2009 in Comics - 0 Comments










My 2004 six-issue Justice Society of America miniseries for DC Comics, “Strange Adventures,”  told the story of popular pulp SF writer Jack Williamson teaming up with aspiring writer Johnny Thunder to tell the tales of the JSA for famed editor Hugo Gernsback at the magazine Amazing Stories.   Jack Williamson was a real Grand Master when this story was written and also a very popular figure in Amazing Stories during the time period in which this comic series is set.  Jack Williamson died in 2006, but he read every issue of JSA: Strange Adventures as it came out, and since he was an original fan of the 1940s comics, he loved to see himself participate in the adventures.


Jack Williamson died in 2006 at the age of 98.  One of the last things he wrote was an introduction to the collection of the six JSA issues.  DC Comics has just announced that the graphic novel collection will be released in spring 2010.