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ENEMIES & ALLIES Released in Hardcover

Published May 6, 2009 in Comics - 1 Comment

My novel Enemies & Allies—the first meeting of Batman and Superman in the 1950s during the Cold War—has just hit bookstore shelves in hardcover from Morrow and DC.  

Jacket text:  “As America and the Soviet Union race to build their nuclear stockpiles, two extraordinary heroes must form an uneasy alliance.  These studies in opposites—shadow and light—must overcome their distrust of each other to battle evil and injustice.

“Sputnik silently circles in the skies above the fabled cites of the United States as danger lurks in the Earth’s darkest corners.  In Gotham, the shadowy vigilante known as the Batman haunts Gotham’s streets…and the police are just as afraid of this Dark Knight as the city’s criminals are.

“In Metropolis, the notorious Lex Luthor is leveraging international tensions to build LuthorCorp into a military-industrial empire, competing against his business rival Wayne Industries, which is run by Gotham’s enigmatic millionaire, Bruce Wayne.  Luthor’s activities have raised the interest of Daily Planet reporter Lois Lane, who is beginning to realize that Luthor may stop at nothing to achieve success.  At the same time, Clark Kent and Jimmy Olsen are investigating the rumored crash of a flying saucer. Clark is desperate to know if there may be other lost interplanetary visitors on Earth secretly living among them—visitors like himself.

“When Batman’s and Superman’s paths cross, their lives change, and history will never be the same.”

Available online and in bookstores everywhere.  Or order your signed and personalized copy from  Anderzoneshop.com