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Gearing up for Superstars Writing Seminar 2013

Published November 7, 2012 in Writing - 0 Comments

After three highly successful Superstars Writing Seminars—Las Vegas in 2012, Salt Lake City in 2011, and Pasadena in 2010—we are putting together next year’s event. Superstars 2013 will be in Colorado Springs, Colorado, May 14–16 at the historic Antlers Hotel at the base of Pike’s Peak. (This is the place where Katherine Bates wrote the song “America the Beautiful” in 1895—so it already has a creative history, not to mention a spectacular setting.)

The Superstars Writing Seminars are intensive three-day events about the business side of publishing, writing, and managing your career—taught by five international bestselling writers, as well as impressive guest instructors.

Economics of Commercial Publishing
How Editors Look at Manuscripts, Novels, and Short Fiction
Dissecting a Book Contract
How to Read and Understand a Royalty Statement
Dirty Secrets: What You Need to Know About Being a Professional Author
How to Leverage Your Intellectual Property
Balancing Acts: Writing World and Real World
Networking and Self-Promotion for Authors
Understanding E-Books
Pitching the Big Proposal
Two Heads Are Better than One: Collaborations
How to Get an Edge with New Media
Movies, TV, and Authors
How to Increase Your Writing Productivity


For full details, plus testimonials and sample audio and video clips, see the Superstars website.

Special rates for students and alumni.  Prices go up December 31.