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Goodbye to Linus, 2000–2015

Today my heart is too heavy to do any writing. Goodbye Linus, my dear friend for fifteen years.

DSC01126 DSC00778

Owen Hardy, and the readers of Clockwork Angels, got a brief chance to meet Linus in the quiet town of Barrel Arbor. I hope that’s where he’s gone now. “He remembered a plump, orange cat that had frequented the Paquettes’ newsgraph offices. The lazy cat curled up in any patch of sun, sleeping away the day, content with its sluggish dreams. Everything had its place, and every place had its thing.”

Now my place no longer has its Linus.  🙁


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One Response to “Goodbye to Linus, 2000–2015”

  1. TR Goodman says:

    I’m so sorry about Linus, Kevin. Wherever he is now, I’m sure it’s full of sunny naps, boxes to play in, and happy dreams of his fantastic life.