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Indoor skydiving and Coors brewery tour

Published September 29, 2012 in Writing - 0 Comments

For our 21st anniversary this month, Rebecca and I have been doing a series of fun activities, going to our favorite restaurants, having our favorite dinners, seeing things. Friday, we had a great day, starting out with Indoor Skydiving in Denver at SkyVenture.  This is a giant indoor wind tunnel with winds over 120 mph. We suited up, donned helmet and goggles, attended a brief training session—and then we went in to fly!

This was a lot harder than it looks, a “sport” instead of a quick entertainment ride. The slighted adjustments in arm or hand positions can send you into a tumble.  But it was a blast.

After the skydiving, we went to lunch at the Cheesecake Factory (one of our old standbys), then drove to Golden, CO, where we took a tour of the gigantic Coors Brewery, the largest single brewery in the US.  It was interesting, though I’m not much of a Coors drinker.  Afterward, though, we went to the “second largest brewery in Golden,” the Golden City Brewery, one of my favorite microbreweries in the state.  The IPA there was delicious, and Rebecca and I relaxed for a while in the pleasant outdoor beer garden, before heading home.  Great day!