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Interviews and Contest Winners

Announcing this month’s contest winners, names drawn from those who have posted the Terra Incognita widget and/or included Roswell Six songs on their profile.  These three have received autographed hardcovers—Lauren Lang (Colorado, Paul of Dune), Jennie Posthumus (Virginia, Enemies & Allies), and Teresa Williams (Alabama, Last Days of Krypton).  Congratulations.

Also, the third sample chapter of THE EDGE OF THE WORLD has now been released on the Terra Incognita widget.  Read the sample.  The book itself, and the Roswell Six CD, have both been released.


Three extensive new articles and profiles have just been posted:

SF Site

Futureale (a Canadian arts & entertainment magazine, under the title “Collaborating with Canadians.”)


And two new reviews of Terra Incognita: