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Last Day in Poland

I spent the morning writing four pages of a comic script, and proofing MENTATS OF DUNE, then met Kacper for a day of touring Warsaw. We caught the public transport train that took us to the city center, saw the Congress Hall (right next to a big Hard Rock Café sign), then walked down the city streets to a beautiful and extensive King’s Park, where the Polish royal family had their private palace and baths.

Then we went to the old town section (mainly shops and restaurants, and ate in a traditional Polish restaurant (I wanted one more fix before I headed home) and had pierogis and a truly gigantic schnitzel (aptly named “giant-sized schnitzel”), and Ola/Aleksandra met us for the meal. We wandered among the shops, then made our way over to the Paradox Café.

Paradox Café, otherwise known as the “nerd café,” is a pub set up to accommodate science fiction fans and gamers. Many members of the 501st came in, and the owner set aside part of the room so that other fans could come in and meet me and get their books signed. At their request, I also autographed their wall, talked with the gamers, and said goodbye to my friends from the 501st Polish Garrison, then back to the hotel to do my last packing and get a good night’s sleep before heading to the airport tomorrow for home.