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"Monsters" in the Hospital

Published March 19, 2009 in Roswell Six , Writing - 0 Comments

One year ago yesterday (March 18), Rebecca spent the day in extreme pain, high fever, terrible cramps. I took her to the doctor, who told me “If you put her in the car right now and drive her to the hospital emergency room, then I won’t call an ambulance.” Raced down to Colorado Springs to the hospital; our doctor had already called to say she was on the way and that somebody needed to see her immediately.

So we sat in the waiting room for about an hour before we were finally taken into a back room, where we sat again for half an hour until a nurse took some of Rebecca’s vitals and sent her into another room, where we waited half an hour for an actual doctor to come. Whereupon he checked her, gave her some pain meds, and ran some tests. Acute pancreatitis. Not much to do for the treatment but send her home with more pain meds and hope she was better in the morning. (She was.)

In the meantime, however, while sitting there for nearly four hours, I had a small notepad and I jotted down the rough lyrics for “Here Be Monsters,” the first song written on the “Terra Incognita” CD. It’s a counterpoint to another song, “The Call of the Sea” — which is all about the thrill of discovery and exotic wonders. “Here Be Monsters” is about the fear of the unknown, scary legends, the dangers an explorer would face. Sitting helpless and impatient in an emergency room was a good place to think about the fear of the unknown.

Rebecca did a hefty overhaul of the words when she got better, and the song is a very powerful track with incredible main vocals by John Payne. We expect to have this as our next sample track up on the Roswell Six MySpace page in the next week or so.