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Many of you have already enjoyed the third R6 sample track, “Swept Away”—about the two characters, Criston (Michael Sadler) and Adrea (Lana Lane) separated by disastrous circumstances. Here are the words—have another listen at the Roswell Six page.

Lyrics by Rebecca Moesta and Kevin J. Anderson
Music by Erik Norlander
Additional melodies by Rebecca Moesta
Vocals: Lana Lane, Michael Sadler

Swept away, couldn’t stay,
It all happened so quickly
Cruel hate, cruel fate,
That took me from our world.

Well I don’t know where you are,
But my heart is never far
Away from you.

Tempest force, blown off course
It all happened so quickly
Ruined now, don’t know how
You’ll ever wait for me.

Though I don’t know where you are,
Still my thoughts are never far
Away from you.

We’re apart,
But in my heart,
I’m simply swept away.

I’ll dream of you,
Long for you,
But time goes by so slowly

End of rope, dare I hope
That love will find a way?

Now I don’t know where you are
But my hopes
and dreams
and love
are never far
Away from you.

How can I bear another day
Away from you?

Also, as a new special item for the fans who have supported us before the CD comes out, We’ll send a *free* 11 x 17 Roswell Six poster with all preorders of the CD or book/CD package. Make sure you order yours before the release date, from ProgRock Records.

Conventions and Interviews

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Brian Herbert and I have both been asked to be Special Guests at this year’s Comic Con International in San Diego (July 23-26), approx. 130,000 attendees.  We will be giving many panels, interviews, and book signings; since this is only a few weeks before the release of The Winds of Dune, Tor Books may well have some giveaways.  HarperCollins will also be there promoting my Enemies & Allies, Orbit Books will be promoting The Edge of the World, and ProgRock Records will be promoting the Roswell Six “Terra Incognita” CD.

This Friday I will fly to LA to film an interview for a Warner DVD of the animated Batman/Superman film PUBLIC ENEMIES.  The interview, about my work on Enemies & Allies, will be included as a bonus feature on the DVD.


THE WINDS OF DUNE Copy-Edit and UK Jacket Text

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Brian and I have each received the manuscript of THE WINDS OF DUNE, which has been marked-up by the copy editor for spelling, punctuation, and consistency.  By the time we deliver a new DUNE ms., it has been studied and proofed so many times that it’s usually fairly clean.  For WINDS, we have a new copy editor who seems to be unfamiliar with the series, either our new novels or Frank Herbert’s originals.  So, we’ve had to go through carefully to mark STET on all the times the copy editor incorrectly corrected (incorrected?) Chusuk to Chusak, adding an unnecessary second hyphen to Lisan al-Gaib, spelling out St. Alia of the Knife (which Frank Herbert did not do), and adding a hyphen to good-bye (which is not the style in any of our ten previous books…do they also want to add a hypen to to-night and to-morrow?)  We are being very thorough, and then after we return the manuscript, we will see it one more time to proofread the typeset galleys.  Publication date is August 5.

 We have also received the cover copy for the UK edition, to be released by Simon & Schuster.  Here, as a sneak preview, is the jacket text:

 After the reign of Muad’Dib, an empire begins to crumble.

Paul Muad’Dib – cheered as a hero, worshipped as a messiah, hated as a tyrant – has vanished into the endless deserts of the planet Dune, leaving his turbulent empire without guidance.   Now it’s up to his young sister Alia and  his formidable mother, the Lady Jessica, aided by the faithful Gurney Halleck, the Fremen leader Stilgar and  the resurrected Duncan Idaho, to keep the human race from tearing itself apart.

Fuelling the flames of dissent is the outspoken rebel, Bronso of Ix, doing everything he can to destroy the myth of Paul Muad’Dib, the man responsible for more deaths than any other in history.

Working with Princess Irulan, Jessica tries to uncover the truth about her son.  As the winds of rebellion and treachery brew, she discovers that Muad’Dib may have knowingly planted the seeds for his own downfall.  And that Bronxo of Ix has a secret mission of his own, one that will force Jessica to choose between the memory of her son and the future of the human race.




Contest Winner Announced

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Thanks to all of you who contacted me after posting the Terra Incognita widget on your pages or choosing one of the Roswell Six songs for your profile.  As promised, we have drawn one name from the participants—Danger Andrews from Algona, Washington—who will receive an autographed first-edition hardcover of my novel THE LAST DAYS OF KRYPTON.

You have another chance at the end of this month, when I’ll draw names for two more hardcover giveaways.  If you would like to enter, simply copy the Terra Incognita widget (see it on the http://www.wordfire.com homepage) to your website, MySpace, or Facebook page, or add one of the CD sample tracks (http://www.myspace.com/roswellsix) to your profile.  Send a note to anderzone@wordfire.com with your address and we’ll mail you a free pad of full-color EDGE OF THE WORLD post-it notes and enter your name into the next drawing.