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Contest Winner Announced

Published April 3, 2009 in Music , Roswell Six , Terra Incognita - 0 Comments

Thanks to all of you who contacted me after posting the Terra Incognita widget on your pages or choosing one of the Roswell Six songs for your profile.  As promised, we have drawn one name from the participants—Danger Andrews from Algona, Washington—who will receive an autographed first-edition hardcover of my novel THE LAST DAYS OF KRYPTON.

You have another chance at the end of this month, when I’ll draw names for two more hardcover giveaways.  If you would like to enter, simply copy the Terra Incognita widget (see it on the http://www.wordfire.com homepage) to your website, MySpace, or Facebook page, or add one of the CD sample tracks (http://www.myspace.com/roswellsix) to your profile.  Send a note to anderzone@wordfire.com with your address and we’ll mail you a free pad of full-color EDGE OF THE WORLD post-it notes and enter your name into the next drawing.


Reading Shelf

Published March 30, 2009 in Writing - 0 Comments

A lot of fans write to ask what I read for pleasure in my spare time (spare time?).  These are the books I’m actively reading, in various formats, at the moment—a fairly diverse assortment.


Winterbirth by Brian Ruckley.  The gorgeous cover design is enough to catch your attention immediately.  This is an ambitious new fantasy novel with a Norse/Highlander flair.  Well-written and engaging, but rather dense and opaque.  It would have saved me a great deal of confusion if the author had included a glossary, or simply taken the time to explain the foreign words or concepts when he introduced them. 


Birds of Prey by Wilbur Smith.  This is a vivid, swashbuckling, exciting high-seas adventure—exactly what I was looking for, and I a enjoying it immensely.  Colorful historical details, bold heroes and villains, exotic landscapes, action and tragedy, twists and turns on an epic scale.  I am definitely going to read more by this author.



Crusades: the Illustrated History by Thomas F. Madden.  A thorough and accessible history of a very complex subject.  I’m reading up on this period of history as research for the “Terra Incognita” books, and this is one of the best volumes I’ve found.  Richly illustrated with maps, photos, and historical relics.



Ender in Exile by Orson Scott Card.  I have been a fan of Orson Scott Card since his first stories appeared in Omni magazine.  I loved boty Ender’s Game and Speaker for the Dead, and this direct sequel fits in between.  Very interesting and engaging, and deals with a lot of aftermath concepts, political complexities.  I am enjoying the book a lot, though it’s somewhat piecemeal and no really big events have happened . . . yet.



I, Robot by Isaac Asimov.  On my Kindle, on travel, I am reading an old classic I never picked up when I read a lot of Asimov in high school.  Unfortunately, I should have read it when I was much younger and more prone to wonder.  This was definitely a genre-changing book in its time, but I’m afraid it feels very dated now.




Win an Autographed Hardcover Novel from Kevin J. Anderson

Published March 28, 2009 in Writing - 1 Comment

Previously we’ve invited fans to copy the “Terra Incognita” widget (see it on www.wordfire.com) on their personal pages (or on MySpace, choose one of the three Roswell Six sample tracks from the Terra Incognita: Beyond the Horizon CD by going to Roswell Six).  If you copy the widget or post one of the songs, we will send you a free pad of full-color EDGE OF THE WORLD sticky notes.  Just send us a message with your mailing address to anderzone@wordfire.com.


At the end of the month, I will draw one name from the list of people who have done so, and the winner will receive an autographed hardcover of my novel THE LAST DAYS OF KRYPTON.  At the end of April, I’ll give away two hardcovers.  At the end of May, I’ll give three hardcovers.

So, choose one or more of the songs, place the widget, and send us your address for the drawing.  And thanks to everybody for your great compliments and your support of this unique project.



ENEMIES & ALLIES—Dust Jacket and Cover Copy

Published March 27, 2009 in Comics , Writing - 0 Comments

We’ve received the final—and gorgeous—cover for my Batman/Superman novel Enemies & Allies, which comes out in hardcover on May 5 from William Morrow.

The Fifties

A time of postwar conservatism and international tensions, of fear and hope, when Howdy Doody, UFOs, Elvis, and the Communist menace occupied America. A time when human beings had, for the first time in history, the power to destroy their world. A time when heroes were needed more than ever.

A time for the Dark Knight and the Man of Steel.

As America and the Soviet Union race to build their nuclear stockpiles, two extraordinary heroes must form an uneasy alliance. These studies in opposites—shadow and light—must overcome their distrust of each other to battle evil and injustice.

Sputnik silently circles in the skies above the fabled cities of the United States as danger lurks in the Earth’s darkest corners. In Gotham, the shadowy vigilante known as the Batman haunts Gotham’s streets . . . and the police are just as afraid of this Dark Knight as the city’s criminals are. In Metropolis, the notorious Lex Luthor is leveraging international tensions to build LuthorCorp into a military-industrial empire, competing against his business rival Wayne Industries, which is run by Gotham’s enigmatic millionaire, Bruce Wayne. Luthor’s activities have raised the interest of Daily Planet reporter Lois Lane, who is beginning to realize that Luthor may stop at nothing to achieve success. At the same time, Clark Kent and Jimmy Olsen are investigating the rumored crash of a flying saucer. Clark is desperate to know if there may be other lost interplanetary visitors on Earth secretly living among them—visitors like himself. When Batman’s and Superman’s paths cross, their lives change, and history will never be the same.


TheTrades.com also just ran a lengthy review of the novel, and soon they’ll be giving away a few signed copies. Check it out at TheTrades.com.

Batman/Superman cover