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Pulling up the Drawbridge

Published November 13, 2012 in Writing - 0 Comments

My writing schedule has always been full (some might say overloaded).  Same for my travel and promotion schedule.  I’m currently writing a 1000-page novel manuscript for The Dark Between the Stars, editing Mentats of Dune, and plotting my next three Dan Shamble, Zombie PI novels, as well as a couple of short stories I’ve promised to do. I had three novels released in September. In 2012 I took 21 business trips, many of them cons, and I did an 8-city book tour for Sisterhood of Dune.  Next year will be much the same.

My attempts to clone myself have failed, as have my experiments to develop a temporal inverter that will add more hours to the day.  And so, after much consideration, I’ve had to take extreme measures.

Sadly, I can no longer read and critique manuscripts sent to me by aspiring writers, nor can I review advance copies of novels for possible cover blurbs.  And I respectfully have to decline contributing short stories for anthologies.

Thanks for understanding.  Time to focus on the novel writing.