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Saturday Panel List for Writing Seminar

Published February 19, 2010 in Advice , Blogging , Business , Music , Novels , Process , Short Stories , Writing - 0 Comments

Agents: The “A” Word (Rebecca, Brandon, Eric)
What can an agent do for you?  Does a new writer really need one?  How do you get an agent?  Straight talk from our experts on good and bad agents.

Networking for Writers (Dave, Rebecca)
Learn how to make connections, be in the right place at the right time, and make sure your name pops into an editor’s mind when a new project is being considered.

Self-Promotion for Authors (All)
How do you call attention to your book, once it’s published?  We’ll share our experiences in getting interviews and media coverage, online exposure, mailing lists, fan clubs, book signings, and effective promotional products.

12:00–1:30  LUNCH

Self-Publishing: Realities & Pitfalls (Eric, Rebecca)
Alternatives abound for authors to publish and market their own books, bypassing traditional publishers. What are the realities of do-it-yourself publishing? Can you really land a contract from a major publisher on the basis of a self-published book?

Pitching the Big Proposal (Brandon, Kevin, Dave)
You have your idea, your outline, your sample chapters.  Understand what makes a good sales pitch, how to get editors, marketers, and publishers excited about your work even before you deliver the manuscript.

Two Heads Are Better than One: Collaborative Writing (Kevin, Rebecca, Eric, Brandon)
Discover the advantages, and challenges, of working with another author, how to draw upon areas of expertise, and how to work smoothly together in highly charged creative environment.

Open Session: Q&A

Autographing Session

VIP Dinner with the Speakers

Join us at the Pasadena Convention Center March 19-21