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Sunday Panel List for Writing Seminar

These are the sessions that wrap up the third day of our Superstars Writing Seminar next month.  24 hours of straight-talk and no-nonsense information of what you need to know as a professional writer.


New Media: Using It to Get an Edge (Brandon & Rebecca)
Understand the potential of new technologies to open up unexpected avenues for promoting your book and advancing your career—blogs, websites, social networks, podcasts, e-mail blasts.

E-Publishing (Eric)
Online publishing is a direct way to bypass paper, printing, and distribution costs, but in many ways it is still uncharted territory.  Learn the basics of e-publishing, e-books, and the economic advantages and pitfalls.

Movies, TV—and Authors (Dave, Kevin, Brandon)
Learn how your book can attract the attention of filmmakers for TV or movies—and how you can write novels based on popular media properties.  Understand options, treatments, pitch sessions, spec scripts, and tie-in novels.

12:00–1:30  LUNCH

Anatomy of a Major Book Release (Kevin & Brandon)
A publishing house prepares for the release of a book sometimes a year or more in advance.  Learn the crucial milestones in the leadup to your book’s appearance on the shelves and how you can take advantage of these key points.

Eleven Tips to Increase Your Writing Productivity (Kevin)
How can you be more productive amid the obligations of chaotic life?  These eleven proven techniques used by bestselling authors will give you an inside track on how to produce, and publish, more of your work.

Open Session: Q&A
Everything you wanted to know but didn’t get answered over the weekend.

We hope to see you there at the Pasadena Convention Center, March 19-21. http://www.superstarswritingseminars.com