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Superstars Writing Seminar photos

The first Superstars Writing Seminar at the Pasadena Convention Center was a rousing success.  Bestselling authors Brandon Sanderson, Eric Flint, David Farland, Rebecca Moesta, and Kevin J. Anderson spent three days giving lectures on the economics of publishing, developing an intellectual property, how editors look at manuscripts, balancing the real world and a writing career, literary agents, networking, self-promotion, collaboration, e-books and self-publishing, social media, and writing productivity.  Guest speakers included producers and scriptwriters Steven L Sears (Xena, Sheena) and Marc Scott Zicree (The New Twilight Zone, Sliders), and T. Duren Jones (Promomania promotional products) and Joni Labaqui (Writers of the Future contest).

The next seminar is tentatively scheduled for January 2011 in Salt Lake City.  To sign up to receive updates on the next event, go to the Superstars website.