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“Terra Incognita” Audiobooks now available

Published September 27, 2010 in Music , Publicity , Terra Incognita - 2 Comments

Hachette Audio has just released the unabridged audio edition of the second Terra Incognita novel, The Map of All Things.  Award-winning narrator Scott Brick is the reader.  Available in various audio formats and also for audio download from Audible.com.

Scott Brick also narrated the unabridged audio for Book 1 in the series, The Edge of the World, also available for download from Audible.com.

Book 3, The Key to Creation, is written and will be released in June 2011.

Gary - March 6, 2012

Hi Kevin,

Is there a particular reason we can’t get the audio version of Terra Incognita books in the UK (except The Edge of the World)?

I was very excited by your whole media approach to the series but sadly I’m left hanging now.

I suspect it’s the good old publishers again – I respect their role but if ever there were a reason to self publish……



    Kevin J. Anderson - March 6, 2012

    I didn’t know they were unavailable in the UK. That doesn’t make any sense, since it’s the same publisher in the US and UK. Let me check on it.

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