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TUCKER'S GROVE: New Midwestern Dark Fantasy

Published November 26, 2012 in Writing - 1 Comment

In the heartland, blood flows and shadows rise…

Phoenix Pick has just released my complete sequence of dark fantasy stories about the creepy Wisconsin town of Tucker’s Grove in trade paperback and eBook.

The rise and fall of a cursed town in rural Wisconsin, Tucker’s Grove, where legends and nightmares lurk in the shadows, a place where the dead don’t necessarily stay dead, where preachers collect demons rather than cast them out, where haunted trains and a shadowy circus exist side by side with ancient gods and prehistoric echoes seeping up from the ground.

Contains thirteen connected tales: Church Services, Bringing the Family, Last Stand, Scarecrow Season, The Circus, Hunter’s Moon, Mirror Mirror on the Wall, A Glimpse of the Ankou, Just Like Normal People, Heroes Never Die, Family Portrait, Loco-Motive, and Drilling Deep.

An original publication by Phoenix Pick, $9.99.  Order from the publisher.