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World Premiere Book Launch of CLOCKWORK ANGELS

Toronto fans, we will be launching CLOCKWORK ANGELS: The Novel, first time ever on sale, on Thursday evening, August 23 at the Richmond and John Chapters (142 John Street) at 7:00pm.  I’ll be in Toronto as a guest at Fan Expo throughout the weekend, but this event—open to the general public—will be the first time the novel is available for sale.  I will give a talk, answer questions, and autograph books…lots of them, I hope!

For further details, see  This event is free, and I do not charge for autographs.

US fans, you’ll have to wait an extra week.  I WILL have plenty of copies for sale on August 31 at DragonCon in Atlanta.

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9 Responses to “World Premiere Book Launch of CLOCKWORK ANGELS”

  1. Colin says:

    Hi, will you have copies of Clockwork Angels for sale at Fan Expo? Thanks

    • Kevin J. Anderson says:

      Yes, we will definitely have copies there—won’t be on sale in the US yet, but we will sell them in Toronto. See you there.

  2. Colin says:

    Awesome, Thank You

  3. mike says:

    i can’t wait.rush alway’s deliver quality products.

  4. […] I got to meet him, and he passed out pamphlets containing the first three chapters of his new book Clockwork Angels, which is based on the latest album of one of my favourite bands, Rush. Talk about […]

  5. C Biel says:

    Hello Kevin. Enjoyed reading the advance reading copy I got from ECW Press. I have posted a review of the Novel on my blog. Feel free to read and comment and/or distribute as you see fit. Best of luck and Thanks!

    • Kevin J. Anderson says:

      thanks, I saw the review and appreciate all the kind things you had to say. I saw it pop up on my Twitter feed, and I’m sure many of my fans checked it out.

  6. Craig says:

    I’m wondering what the release date will be for iBookstore in the US? I’m trying to kick the paper habit. Also, will the iBook version have all the artwork that the hardcover has? Apologies if this has been answered elsewhere – Google is failing me (or my ability to use it)

    • Kevin J. Anderson says:

      the iBook version (and all the eBook versions) should be released the same day as the official US release date, which is (I think) September 1. The iBook version will have all the artwork and design as the printed book.